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SQL Level 1 Basics of Writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures (Two Day Class)


Prerequisite: Student should have a basic understanding of Database concepts such as tables, joins and keys and the need to limit or refine data. Who should learn SQL 1) Database administrators, database developers, or database architects who design, implement and maintain online query applications. 2) Business analysts, system engineers, and developers who are responsible for data driven applications should learn SQL. 3) Excel users. SQL extends the capabilities of Excel. 4) Access users. Anyone who creates a View or a table in Access should understand the SQL behind it. 5) Crystal Reports developers. To create dynamic reports you need to know SQL. 6) Auditors for data research and report confirmation. 7) Programmers who need to increase the speed of running an application. 8) Developers who want to write less code. 9) SQL is critical to almost any application. If you learn standard SQL, then you can translate this to almost any database product on the market especially the popular engines like Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, MySQL. 10) You are a programmer with “Senior” in your title. 11) Employees that want to increase their value to Employers should know SQL

Course Description: This two day class introduces the student to the basic concepts of the Structured Query Language (ANSI SQL) used in Oracle, SQL*Plus, and Microsoft Transact SQL databases. Learn how to : Create SQL queries and subqueries using SELECT, FROM, and WHERE; Manipulate and retrieve data with Views; Combine data from multiple tables using INNER JOINS, OUTER JOINS, and CROSS JOINS; Filter, calculate and summarize data with aggregate features such as DISTINCT, GROUP BY, HAVING and EXISTS; Use SQL’s powerful features to create Stored Procedures. The class includes basic concepts about databases and abstract information about how client/server database systems work. It also provides relevant information about how software applications connect to and use databases. Majority of the class will be hands-on training with writing SQL statements.

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SQL Level 1 Basics of Writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures (Two Day Class) on
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Number of Days: 2
Price: $955
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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