Executive Summary

DeVore Technologies, Inc. has demonstrated performance track record with NEORSD, beginning in 2011 as a sub-contractor on a turnkey messaging project, and expanding in 2013 as the successful proposer in your RFP process.

DeVore is proud to be a female owned service business, serving customers in the Northeast Ohio area since 1995. Our mission is oriented to providing services to our customers in assisting them with business productivity projects, predominantly in the Information Technology and Marketing spaces.

We are not a product business. We are not organized and compensated around selling ever-increasing quantities of a developed product to customers. Our role is in assisting our customers in choosing and executing on the best approach to achieve their desired outcomes. Our compensation is oriented to the long-term success of our customers.

To facilitate that, we maintain classrooms and facilities at our conveniently located Beachwood training center, on Chagrin Blvd. Our facilities include classrooms for our public open-enrollment classes, private customer classes, IT and Computer Software Certification Testing, custom training recording and web broadcasting studios, and facilities for our software development, web site development, and web application hosting staff. National organizations use our classroom facilities for their training offerings in the Northeast Ohio area. These include Tableau, SAS, VMware, NetApp, Blackbaud, ANSYS, Check Point Software, Veeam, IBM, and etc.

We do not simply teach classes, we develop custom software for our customers ranging from office automation projects to data acquisition and presentation, to web-based and mobile applications. We built our first web site on the Internet in 1995 and both develop and host web sites for our customers and their projects. Our development environment is located at our Beachwood Office, and the high-capacity public facing sites are hsoted from a data center in downtown Cleveland with all the security redundancy and fail-over features to support large-scale applications. One site we for a Cleveland based association has more than one million visitors per month.

Early in the history of our company, we learned from experience that the instructor who is in the classroom delivering the training is the single most important factor in producing an optimal outcome. We are proud of our track record of retaining instructors and are proud that our instructors are the most highly compensated in the area. Penny Young, who was the lead instructor for the Cleveland Clinic’s transition from GroupWise to Outlook, a project three years in planning and two years in training delivery, delivering tailored instruction to 18,000 users. Penny has been with DeVore since 1998.

DeVore began developing desktop database projects for our customers with Microsoft Access 1.0 and today have more than 500 Access projects in production. That grew to up-sizing Access to SQL Server as the numbers of users and amount of data grew, which expanded to collecting information via the Internet and providing reporting capabilities with Internet-accessible tools both desktop and mobile. We assist our customers with Excel projects and custom programming, primarily in the Microsoft tool set.

Our first eLearning Project was delivered in 2000, after a year of weekly meetings with our client, working through the details of their legacy system, how it really worked, and how their staff could use it to create maximum value. This system was produced in Macromedia Flash, before Adobe purchased the tool, and DeVore is proud that when this system reached go-live, there were no training examples on the Macromedia web site.

More recent projects tend to be in Adobe Captivate, and a wide variety of other tools, each appropriate to the specifics of the customer’s needs and environment.

We find value for our customers in our broad experience base. We are not just teachers of specific tools, we continually use them at advanced levels in our customers’ projects, and carry the expertise on-board to assist your staff at all levels of use.

We are long term residents of the greater Cleveland area, and actively participate in the community. We are proud to focus on Northeast Ohio businesses, and your training an project dollars stay in the Northeast Ohio economy. We have truly enjoyed working with the NEORSD team in the past and look forward to continuing to assist your team as needed.


Lori DeVore