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DeVore Technologies

Our Facility 

The office space was originally designed by Dorsky, Hodgson Parrish & Yue, the architectural firm behind the design of Beachwood's outdoor shopping facility at Legacy Village, for Dorsky's own projected 2009 growth. DHPY focuses on providing innovation and fresh thinking, and those ideas translate into the layout and design of DeVore's new corporate headquarters.

After arrangements were made for DeVore to occupy the space, Lori DeVore enlisted the aid of Paul Voinovich and Vocon to complete her vision for the expansion of DeVore Technologies' World Headquarters. Vocon was selected primarily because of the architectural firm's dedication to its mission to use superior design solutions and talented professionals to satisfy the needs of their visionary clients. Vocon plans to build out the existing 3,795 square feet of training facilities and administrative areas.

Vocon is a fast-growing, Cleveland-based design and architectural firm, dedicated to integrating place, technology and innovation to support the creative process. They work with clients to support their business strategies by focusing on a design's ability to transform organizations and improve people's way of life.

Using our 17 years experience in delivering and optimizing training optimal characteristics and amenities for enhancing learning, working sessions, and any activity that benefits from large screen projection, fast Internet connections, and on-site technical support for connecting to remote infrastructure. With 1600 hotel rooms within a one mile radius of our facility we are ideally located to support both Northeast Ohio based and out-of-town participants.

Our environment has been designed in every way to enhance learning. From comfortable Steelcase and Haworth adjustable office chairs, to each room individually controlled HVAC for comfort, to rooms located on the windowline for the warmth and energy of sunlight to acoustic isolation of each room, large screen projection and classroom break area with continuous refreshments and both wired and wireless Internet connections available throughout the facility.