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DeVore Technologies

IT Professional Technical Training

In Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

DeVore offers a comprehensive selection of technical training for individuals and organizations to enhance their technical skillsets and  stay current with evolving technologies.

We constantly see examples of organizations gaining competitive advantage through the use of technology.

Especially true with IT Professional Technologies, “Trial and Error” Learning is seldom the best choice.

A second benefit of live, Instructor Led training classes is that they provide the opportunity for individuals to interact with their peers at other organizations, and gain perspective on best practices, solutions to conflicts, what has worked well and what has not, what have they tried that we have not ( and how did it work)




DeVore Offers:

  • Public – Open Enrollment Scheduled Classes at DeVore
  • Custom Classes at Your Location
  • DeVore’s facilities have the capability to add students at remote locations to your class using Distance Learning tools

As a Microsoft Learning Solutions Partner, DeVore selects nationally known Instructors to deliver every Official Microsoft Class listed on the Microsoft Web Site, at Your Location or Ours!
As a VMware Education Partner DeVore can Enroll Your Staff in Any Official VMware class in the US.  Need to know when the next class in Dallas is – just call our office.