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Computer Training Rollouts

DeVore can provide à la carte Instructor Rental, Curriculum Development, Documentation, Instructor Led Training, Online Scheduling and Tracking Tools, Operations and Logistics, or assist as a Turnkey Project.

DeVore is fortunate to have begun in the early 90’s with DOS to Windows conversions, Green Screens to GUI’s and a mouse!

DeVore has significant large scale enterprise software rollout experience, with many projects exceeding 20,000 end users throughout North America.

We can provide any combination of staffing, logistics, online tools, project management, technical staffing, consulting expertise, custom eLearning development and eLearning hosting.

Think of DeVore as an la carte menu from which you can pick as little or as much assistance as you need, whenever you want!

DeVore maintains state-of-the-Art classrooms in Beachwood, with the capability to add distance students to a live class, when individuals from more distant geographic locations need to interact with their team here or need to receive business logic information as well as learning the computer software tools.

One cost-saving area to consider: There is a common cost dimension to:

  • Developing Instructor-Led Training Curriculum
  • Delivering Instructor-Led Training
  • Documenting the Application or Business Process
  • Creating e-Learning for all or Parts of the Software / Process


That Common Cost factor is the cost of learning the application or processes. The cost is present in each element.
Your cost savings can be in the corollary, because it is present in the tasks, if the additional tasks are undertaken by the same individuals or team, you reduce the total cost of the project. The individuals need only learn once!

It actually is somewhat greater savings than the simple cost – the Quality / Effectiveness of the finished product of each deliverable improves and the expertise of the individuals improves.
If a person has invested the exploring necessary to document an application / process, they are better prepared to teach it. And after they have taught it, they have insights that enable them to “fine-tune” the documentation.

And of course by the time they have created the documentation, and taught the classes, and experienced first-hand the reactions, questions, and frustrations of the end-users, they have the best possible preparation to develop eLearning for all or portions of the project.

(And yes, the reality of it all is that while that can produce the best ROI and value for the organization, the training and deployment part comes after the construction of the software / processes, which is almost always over budget, and the training part is cut to minimize financial impact.) Yes, we have rented the movie on many occasions…)
How many ERP implementations have you seen that went live with an eLearning piece on How to Issue a Purchase Order…

DeVore Staff members with a high level of project expertise are always available to discuss how we may assist your project…

training@devore.com or 440-232-3846

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