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Online Training / Distance Learning: Design, Development, Deployment and Hosting Services

DeVore is proud to have developed our first custom eLearning in the late 90’s in Adobe Flash.  Over a year in development, when this project went live, there were no Flash training examples on the Macromedia web site ( and our project was under non-disclosure... )

DeVore began working in Internet services with our first web site in 1995, assisting our customers with web site design, programming, hosting, merchant transaction processing, Search Engine Optimization and data-driven web sites.  This quickly progressed to web applications and custom e-learning.

We are fortunate to have on staff network engineers, webmasters and infrastructure staff, as well as programmers, graphic design, project managers, usability professionals and database administrators.  This provides us with a unique ability to assist customers with a wide range of issues in designing and deploying content.

While Adobe Captivate is the front runner of tools in use today, eLearning in general has an extremely large number of tools commonly used.  Often, the tools the staff currently know and use when a project pops up, are the tools of choice; ranging from PowerPoint to Articulate Storyline.  (DeVore once watched an excellent “proof of concept” developed in Visual Basic.  Why? ----because that is what the person knew best...

eLearning is especially suited to circumstances that include:

  • Large numbers of individuals who need the information provided.
  • The individuals who need the information are distributed in small concentrations over a wide geographic area.
  • New hires need the information and occur sporadically over a distributed geographic area.
  • The individuals will need to reference the information at sporadic intervals in the future.
  • The information does not contain a high level of complexity or difficulty in interpretation, and tends to be relatively straightforward.
  • The information provided has timeline based trigger events:  “How To Write a Purchase Order” for a new ERP system rollout.
  • The information provided has legal or regulatory implications, and content control and versioning must be in place.  An example is occupational safety information.  This scenario is often linked with the need for testing and record keeping.

DeVore provides training for eLearning tools, both at our Corporate Training Center in Cleveland, and online.
For Adobe Captivate, DeVore offers the following services:

  • Introductory Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Project Assistance and Troubleshooting
  • People to Help With Projects- Short Term, Contract, and Placement


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