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Computer Training

Individual Instruction – DeskSide Assistance™ - Your Location or Ours - in Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio Area

DeVore provides instruction and project assistance for individuals, at your place or ours, in both desktop applications and technical subjects. Focusing on the specific needs of the individual is clearly faster and more cost-effective than sitting through a "Generic" class, when the value of the person's time is taken into consideration.

DSA - DeskSide Assistance™ offers the opportunity to have an instructor come to your office and train you in any combination of topics you need in a few short hours versus attending a daylong class. Our instructors are available to work with you on current projects while teaching you the information you need to become an expert yourself. DeskSide Assistance™ is also available at our training facility on Chagrin Blvd. in Beachwood.

Remote DeskSide Assistance™

For those who are a distance from Cleveland, or who need assistance immediately, in many cases our instructors can provide assistance using remote tools, similar to web conferencing tools that in a best case allow the instructor to work on your machine and your actual material, and when firewall / security issues prevent that, the instructor demonstrating step by step while you observe. Call or email the DeVore office to discuss the specifics of your need.

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