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The important of a “fresh set of eyes” cannot be overestimated. Your development team is familiar with every aspect of the software and your business application — there are too many assumptions already in place…

The individuals that will use the software will be seeing it, and possibly the process, for the first time.
A seasoned instructor has the skillset of the end-user viewpoint. What framework or groundwork needs to be established, what is the best sequence to present the material, to what degree of detail at the beginning, how long and how many training sessions are needed, etc.

Your End-Users Turn Your Project Investment Into “Return-On-Investment”

At the time of “go-live,” your end users are what will translate all the investment in this project into "return-on-investment.” At the time of “go-live” training, the most valuable thing your development team can do is watch, listen, and take notes.  You can’t stop to write notes when you are teaching, and have a room full of people with expectations.

Your developers and project team will quickly hear which assumptions were not correct, what is working perfectly, and what is NOT working perfectly.

DeVore also sees value in the instructor recapping with the development team after the training, either in a meeting setting or preparing written notes.

FAQ Intranet Sites

At each training session, the project team will learn items that need to be communicated to the past and upcoming students in order to best use the software. These items are often posted to and Intranet site. DeVore can both prepare the items for the site, and can also provide a hosted FAQ site on a turnkey basis.

Course Material Types

There is significant observed value in electronic materials along with Quick Reference Guides, etc.  DeVore stresses the importance of the end-user being able to use a text search feature to find what they are looking for, especially with lengthy materials.

Documentation for the Software / Process

In addition to Curriculum Development, Documentation of the software / processes is often needed. There is a compelling business case for using the same person for both, ESPECIALLY when development is running close to the time of “go-live.”

From the perspective of the success viewpoint of the project, first impressions are strongest. It is not a positive presentation when the instructor says to do x or y, and it does not work. The instructor needs to be part of the “team” and facilitate moving on through those occurrences which will be fixed at a later time.

If the same individual is both creating the teaching curriculum and documentation, they will have the highest possible knowledge level of the end product and the state of the end product. The more confident they are, they more positive a spin is developed in their delivery.

DeVore’s Experience Base

Yes, the number of times the development is still “in-process” when the go-live process begins is substantial (this is not “bad”, the OUTCOME is the important part! If the instructor is a cheerleader of a positive outcome, it just helps keep a positive momentum.)

The more the instructor is involved prior to go-live, the better they can deal with unexpected occurrences.

Software Testing – An Additional Opportunity for Added Value

Another area where instructors add value is helping to test the software. Your development team will naturally test by detailed plan.  Because instructors have the “End-User” perspective, they tend to find the issues that will be discovered at time of use. They also tend to test what will be used in the teaching sequence, which helps to discover any issues prior to the end-users discovering the issues at the time of go-live training, which is less desirable from a “first-impression” perspective.