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Computer Training

Live, Instructor-Led, Computer Software Applications Training to Increase Efficiency and Productivity) (and benefit your career in the process)

Welcome to training 2.0 !

The efficiency with which an individual accomplishes tasks using computer tools translates directly into productivity.  This benefits both the individual’s organization, and the individual’s career.

Training 2.0 is all about how can I do more with less

In the early days of training the focus was on concepts  -  and applying those concepts to our work

There is always an ongoing need for concept training for individuals new to a topic.  For those who have familiarity with the topic, shortcuts and best practices drive efficiency and provide value.

There are both techniques to learn plus shortcuts built into the computer software that also need to be learned. We do not appreciate, and therefore do not retain shortcuts until we have experience performing the action over a period of time. At that point the value of the shortcut is immediately recognized by the individual.

DeVore’s standard classes beyond the Introduction introduce shortcuts and best practices.   In addition, we offer Short Duration – Special Focus Topic classes for more experienced users, to optimize the use of their time.  These classes are listed in our public class schedule under the individual software program.  IE, Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Tips and Tricks, etc.

We welcome your feedback on topic areas you or your organization would benefit from, just email training@devore.com