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I love my company’s professional offices in the Commerce Park Four building in Beachwood – Lori DeVore

It was at the end of March and I was working late again, and finally wrapped up around 11 p.m.  It had been snowing for hours and there were no cars in the parking lot but mine

Our parking lot has been cleared and the roads in Beachwood were spotless and I'm thinking about how much I appreciate the professional environment that we enjoy here in Beachwood………….

Looking back it is hard to picture a better professional environment to work in.  Both our office building and the community are ideally suited to both growing a business and working there.  The combination of amenities and convenience are just optimal.

The Commerce Park Four Office Building

Our building is an eight story office building with wonderful windows all around, that allows us to have the warmth of natural lighting throughout our workplace.  We have underground parking, which makes it so much easier in inclement weather, and allows my accounting person to feel safe when working late.

The building has a visually attractive lobby, which is a plus when my customers come to visit us, with plentiful parking on all four sides of the building.

Need to work through lunch, or need snacks for guests coming to a meeting?  Café 56 is in the lobby of our building, and they have a large catering operation as well as the restaurant in the lobby.  They have been great at providing whatever I needed on short notice.  Not thrilled about going out to lunch in that torrential rainstorm or 5 below snow... Cafe 56 in the lobby...

(and of course, Starbucks is on the diagonal corner of Chagrin and Green from our building)

Need to make it to Fed Ex with that rush package?  It is on the parking garage level along with UPS and the US Mail.  Both UPS and FedEx pick up at 7:30pm.  Have important mail that needs to go out?  The pickup from our mail room is at 4:30, and they deliver our mail both weekdays and Saturday.  Miss the 4:30 pickup?  The US Post Office is 2 blocks South of our building.

Our software developers (and anyone who uses a computer for longer periods) love the windows.  The dimensions of the building are such that all the offices are on the window line, which makes it easy to look up from that computer monitor and reduce eyestrain by looking at distant objects often throughout the day!

Fast Internet access at a good price?   Our building has a fiber backbone with AT&T, Fidelity (now Fusion), whose office is in the building next to us, and Everstream.  (If you are not familiar with Lev Gonick and OneCommunity and the Everstream story, it is worth learning about)

Restaurant choices for that client lunch:  More than 30 within a 1.5 mile radius, amazing variety (so amazing I have listed many of the choices on a separate page for individuals attending classes at DeVore here).  Gluten Free? – 3.5 miles.  Kosher – 4 miles.

Taking a client to lunch and the car is not at its shiny cleanest?  Just call Maurice, who operates the car wash in the building!  I can have my car washed and vacuumed while I am working in my office!  I do not have to go anywhere or wait!

The car wash is in the parking garage, just by the truck height loading dock.  Yes, the building has both a ground level dock and a truck height loading dock.  I never knew the importance of that until IBM was delivering a UNIX server rack that weighed eight hundred pounds for a training event at our offices.  It rolled right off their truck, across the parking garage, up the freight elevator and into our classrooms.

Walk to work?  Two years ago, they finished construction on the new VUE Apartment Homes on the corner of Chagrin and Green (the diagonal corner from Starbucks).  They also have underground parking and you can walk from your apartment to our building without going outside (like January, February, March)

Commerce Park Four from the VUE Apartment Homes

The VUE Apartment Homes at sunset

Need that quick trim or haircut before that big presentation?  Yes, Danny’s Hair Salon was here in the building until he retired.  We are eagerly awaiting whomever takes over the salon facility in the lobby...

Why Beachwood?

Beachwood is a vibrant professional community about 10 miles from the Cleveland city center with easy access off I-271 at three exits, Cedar Rd. at the Beachwood Place and Legacy Village malls(4 miles from our building),, Chagrin Blvd., DeVore’s office is 1.5 miles from the Chagrin Blvd. Exit, and at Harvard Rd, at the new World Headquarters for Eaton Corporation and University Hospitals’ Ahuja Medical Center.  The amazing environment helps our company attract top technical professionals.  Our location provides unmatched amenities and convenience for professionals.

The Commerce Park Four office building is one mile from the Cleveland Clinic’s Administrative Campus, one mile from Eaton Corporation’s new World Headquarters, and one mile from University Hospitals Management Services Center and their new Customer Service Center. 

Eaton Corporation chose a location one mile from our building for their world headquarters,

and ABB is in the process of building their new headquarters one mile South, at Harvard and Green, across from Metropolitan Plaza.

Metropolitan Plaza, a 163,000 square foot office building, one mile from DeVore

As examples of the unique amenities in the Beachwood Community, Roger Penske’s Beachwood Porsche is one mile east of our office on Chagrin Blvd.  It just happens to be the largest Porsche dealer in 41 states, and the assortment of cars sitting on their huge lots is amazing


And yes, across the street is Crestmont Cadillac, the largest Cadillac dealer in the State of Ohio, also one mile from our office.

Four Miles North of Commerce Park Four is the area’s largest regional malls, Beachwood Place, the indoor mall, and Legacy Village, the upscale lifestyle center designed by Dorsky Hodgson Partners, whose offices are here in the Commerce Park Four building (and I am so proud to say also designed our office)

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