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DeVore Technologies

Contract Personnel

IT Project Staffing Services

DeVore offers three distinct advantages in assisting you with staffing IT Projects:

  • We supply software tools to help you manage staff time, budget, track progress and work detail.
  • DeVore is willing to assist with your project both by supplying staff as needed and as a "fixed bid" project, and will consult with you at no charge to discuss the pro's and con's of either approach
  • DeVore has a 17 year track record of demonstrated success in staffing and managing our own IT projects, where the metric is the outcome. From that experience base and resource pool we are ideally positioned to assist you with your project.

Our projects range from software development to manufacturing IT staffing, to Six Sigma implementations and training rollouts for 20,000 users, to merchant transaction projects, web and interactive marketing, online training development, language translation of documentation and web sites, to help desk to countless workflow, data collection, data analysis, reporting and process automation projects. We are proud of our accomplishments, and as a service business are ready to provide as little or as much assistance as you would like.