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DeVore Technologies

Domain Name Services

New Domain Name Registration
Finding a reputable domain name registrar can be difficult. There are many scams and devices employed to lure you into domain name mismanagement. When you register a domain name through us, you are set as the account registrant and primary contact. This allows you total ownership and flexibility over your domain name.

Domain Name Transfers
Moving your domain name to our registrar is made simple by our expertise. We manage domains names on a daily basis and have successfully migrated hundreds of names for our clients. Moving your domain is much more than just changing records, your web site and email are dependent upon proper setup and configuration for uninterrupted service. With our transfer processing service, we do all the leg work for you to make the transfer a smooth process.

Protect Your Privacy with Private Domain Registration
Your personal information should be kept private. When you register a domain name, ICANN requires that your address, e-mail and phone number be published in the public WHOIS database which is available for anybody to view on the Web. Private Registration hides your personal information from public view and keeps your information private.

Managed DNS Services
Managed DNS services are critical to you and your customers' businesses but costly to deploy yourself. We offer you the use of our nameservers for free. We provide the infrastructure and our expertise for secure server network management. You maintain control of your DNS services and information, and can consolidate your services with one provider.

  • Free with any domain name registration
  • Reliable infrastructure ensures DNS availability, accuracy, and security
  • Scalable service supports you whether you have 100 or 1,000 domain names
  • Ability to update zone (A, MX and CNAME) records
  • Applies zone records to authoritative nameservers
  • Domain Parking services