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DeVore Technologies

Enhanced Email Services

DeVore Technologies Enhanced Email Services (DVT-EES) is a cost-effective, Windows based Microsoft Exchange alternative email server, bringing enterprise-level functionality to businesses, organization, and web hosting environments. Scalable and easy to manage, EES features a rich Webmail interface; collaboration; reporting; throttling; and over-the-air synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices; and an event-driven architecture that provides automated actions and notifications. Enhanced antispam, antivirus, and security features provide 98% protection out-of-the-box.

A virtual dedicated server fully loaded with software A Virtual Dedicated Server has its own independently licensed copy of Windows Server 2003, can be rebooted independently by you, can be managed with Terminal Services/Remote Desktop, has its own System Registry, Applications and System Files.

  • EES SmarterMail
    This email package includes all the features you need for email: Spell Check, Address Book, Spam Filtering, Email Statistics, & more.
  • Helm Control Panel
    20 Domain License. Manage Email Accounts, server settings, FTP Accounts and more with the HELM Control Panel.
  • Managed Firewall
    Provides protection from network attacks, or any other type of malicious program spread through unsolicited incoming traffic.
  • Virus Scan
    Each package is loaded with McAfee VirusScan. This package provides an additional layer of security that detects and prevents thousands of known viruses, worms, trojans and other threats that could harm your server.
  • McAfee HackerSafe and PCI Certification
    McAfee's HackerSafe PCI Certification Scanning Service provides you with tools and scans necessary to perform automated security scans against the server.
  • Proactive Updates
    Security updates and software upgrades are proactively scheduled and automated on the server and keeps the server up to date with the latest vendor fixes.

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