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DeVore Technologies

Our Internet services integrate several hosted solutions including shared and dedicated web site hosting, custom application hosting services, domain name services, email, and security with the latest server and network technologies. With excellent customer service, DeVore becomes your technology partner with dedicated staff and excellent response times to your inquiries.

As professional Microsoft developers , we understand the needs and wants of developers who pride themselves in delivering the web-based applications that power the most sophisticated sites on the Web. Our team also understands the limitations and restrictions imposed by many hosting companies that force you to eliminate needed functionality from your applications.

The core of our Internet services is focused on one thing, bringing you the latest Microsoft technologies in a hosting environment that allows you the maximum amount of development freedom, security, and functionality. This combined with excellent support from a staff of Microsoft Certified Professionals, means that you are provided with a robust hosting platform, support from a qualified staff of your peers and the services expected from a hosting provider.

We believe in the Microsoft suite of development tools. This means that you can be assured that our focus remains with the technologies that you use. Our specialization and proficiency in delivering Microsoft technologies means that you no longer have to worry about the capabilities of your hosting provider.